Success Stories

Success Stories


Our solutions bring data transparency and compliance.


We improve Operational efficiency of the field by atomizing workflow.


Unified solution for multiple stakeholder collaboration.


SynergyConnect Platform … delivering value for the last mile IMPACT

Collaboration of clients made the success


We understand customer pain areas.


We apply domain Knowledge


we propose workable solutions.


We deliver on time the expected products.


Our solutions help to analyze Impact.

Machine Learning

We apply MI to generate of Counselling and Recommendation for beneficiaries


  • CRISIL Foundation

    Mein Pragati – Reached 1 lac household in Three years – Six district of ASSAM Empowerment of rural women by strengthening their financial capabilities and creating linkages… Today is being implemented across India in 3 states and more than 2 lacs hosuehold

    SynergyConnect role : Our Financial Inclusion APP helps CRISIL in implemenating the Mein Pragati program across three states and over 2 lacs hosuehold. It has automated  the entire program using our Android based APP for monitoring, data capture and real-time reporting. The automation helped the Crisil Mitras to use their time more qaulitatively in giving customised couselling to every household and save their time on writing lenghlty reports

    • APP captures data in an easy to use data formats with Graphics interface and minimal data feeding, ready to use forms. The APP interface is designed to overcome the skill gaps that even a person with 12 grade with no formal technical training are using it
    • The APP generate a Financial Health Card which create socio-economic profiles for participants household and recommend financial goals based on information shared by participants.
    • Counselling Sheet helps Crisil Mitras to have focused discussion, share best financial practices to reduce risk of investment and saving, increase savings in formal sources, monitor cash and loan repayment, set and achieve financial goals based on planned expense management. The field worker also gives specifies advice for individuals as well as families on Credit and financial linkages, Government policies and schemes.
    • Village Demography module helps MAPPING the various stakeholders/ service providers like bank facilities and services, Insurance offering, relevant local financial products and services. Helps to facilitate collaborative efforts.
    • SHG module function add SGH, add members and GRADE the SHG. It helps Crisil Mitra to identify the weaker SHG and guide them to improve on their practices to upgrade there ranking by following proper rules and regulation. It also helps the Crisil Mitra to organise training program for weaker SHG based on this grading inputs.
    • End-to-end project management and reporting of day to day on field activities no one needs to write exhaustive report. Reports and notification are auto generated for hierarchy reporting.
    • Event module helps all users to create Monthly Operation Plan and send auto notification to their Supervisor or Program managers about field activities so that they can plan their activities or visits.
    • Attendance and feedback module helps to give the program manager the entire inputs in terms of the patterns of beneficiary interest from the start of the program to the end of the program Life Cycle. The feedback mechanism helps to get the inputs from various user level as well as from actual beneficiaries
    • APP has a Maker / Checker system, helps in delivery of QUALITY VERIFIED DATA
    • GPS mapping, Date Stamp and User Logs features help in giving more reliability and authenticity of data
    • The App includes training manual along with a few visual aids/props

    Our behaviour change communication arm CSR HUB India has designed a complete Behavioral change communication tools to deliver the financial literacy among the SHG women with Five modules on MONEY, SAVING AND BANK, SHG, LOAN AND INSURANCE Tool is based on Adult Learning Principles and designed using simple Games, Situations cards, Role plays and lot of innovative participatory ideas.

  • Humana Foundation

    Kadam – Helping Migrant students to help enroll and follow back to school program more than 40000 students all over India. KADAM which is implemented in 17 NCR region and Maharashtra

    SynergyConnect Role: The KADAM Andriod based App helps for capturing student data, competency tracking and report generation. It has automated the entire end end program process and the entire reports are in realtime and also has a web based system.

    The software maps every child in terms of their age and knowledge levels and helps to map 539 competencies in four subject English, Hindi, Maths and EVS. It help Humana to connect them to Upper Primary and Secondary schools, plan on enrolment of each and every child, monitoring progress and generating reports on their growth on one to one bases .

    It helps Realtime reporting of the every child development and help the Teacher to give focused attention to overall development.

    The program helps to bring a behaviour change among the child to bring in confidence, building there learning skills, generating interest in  various subject and identify his unique interest which we can take up for his career… The app also has a follow up after the child is admitted to a government school to understand his ability to cope up with peer pressure and new learning environement.

  • BAIF Development Research Foundation

    Integrated Village Adaptation Program

    What we did
    Program tracking application for all capturing locations, village demography, Integrated Program Data, Beneficiary data, dashboard and report generation in android and web based system.

  • ICICI Foundation

    100 Village Adaptation Program.

    Synergy Role: Program tracking application for all capturing locations, village demography, course data, student data, batch operations, Impact follow-ups, dashboard and report generation in android and web based system.

  • Mann Deshi

    Financial Literacy Program for Women Empowerment.

    Synergy Role: Program tracking application for all capturing mobilization, course data, student data, batch operations, Impact tracking, dashboard and report generation in android and web based system.

  • Kherwadi Social Welfare Association

    Yuva Parivartan – Skill development program for Rural and Urban youth.

    Synergy Role: Program tracking application for all capturing mobilization, student data, batch operations and inventory management, dashboard and report generation in android and web based system.