Social Enterprise Platform

Social Enterprise Platform


  • Baseline, Midline & Endline
  • Periodic review & Time surveys
  • Beneficiary Data
  • Reports and Data QC
  • Organisation & Staff Data
  • Projects, FGDs & action reaserch


  • Certification
  • MOA
  • Audit Annul Reports
  • Vendor Agreement
  • NGO Policy
  • Project Documentation


  • Projects Monitoring
  • Survey Results
  • Resource Utilisation
  • Budget Control
  • Timeline
  • Outcome specific dashboard

SynergyConnect CSR Products

End-to-End Fund Management System

Plan Project Initiatives

Helps to plan project inititiaves based on organisation vision, goals and CSR policy. Create basic project outline for fund raising and approvals

Donor Lead Management

Create donor lead managment system. Capture stages, helps follow up and mapping of initiatives with funders

Fund disbursement

Create and Track project fund schedule based on Implementation plan

Donor Management System

Centralised Repository

Create database and profile of domestic and international funders, individual donors and trusts.

Donor Reports & Dashboards

Create Dashboard based on Projects, Donor and Stakeholders to show realtime fund utilisation

Document Management

Upload, store and maitain important documents required and generated in the fund approval stages

NGO Empanelment, Mapping, Compliance, Project Display, Selection, Monitoring and evaluation

Create NGO repository

NGO Empanelment, Profiling and Compliance.  Single platform to Identify and select NGO based on their domain expertise, location of projects and capacities to implement project in terms of their last mile connect to beneficiaries and project deliverables.

Project Display

User based login for NGOs to allow them to upload old projects for display, to helps understand capabilities of the NGO while shortlisting for projects… Also to upload new projects for fund raising

Compliance Documents

Allow upload of important documents like Trust deeds, MOU, AOA, certificates, FCRA registration , audited balance sheets and documents of NGO management policies and process…

Create NGO Rating

Based on the data uploaded system create a Rating of NGOs in respect of Documentation completed, project management capabilities,  domian expertise and process followed

End-to-End Project management Tool - Plan to Dashboard

One Page Project Design

Add Project Specification, Approval, Budget, Targets, Stakeholders, Donors. Project team, Milestones and Photo gallery on a single page format

Easy to use Project Templates

Facts, Goals, Beneficiary Strategy, Output and Outcomes, KPI , Risk and also record project learning in an easy to use templates. Create templates and use organisation wide.

Approval Management System

Single window approval of Projects. Saves on 100s of email being exchanged for simple approvals, which normally leads to delay and loss of information in communication

CSR Project Management System

Single Dashboard for all active projects

Easy to display, manage and monitor projects. Complete view of Organisation Social Investment at one place

Automated Report Generation anytime anywhere anyone

Do it your self-Approach – Role and right based login – Any project phase wise report can be downloaded with multiple project stages selections. Transparency for Project stakeholders – Donors, Project manager or Auditor

Dashboards and Reports

Fund utilisation, Project Operations and Monitoring, Milestones Achievements and Project Phase tracking and Beneficiaries impact

Realtime Project Reporting from the field
Financials Inclusion, Skill Building and Livelihood, Integrated Village Development, School Based Programs and Health

MIS Tool

A MIS tool which helps Operational flow automation, role based access, Data qaulity check and real-time reporting for Impact analysis

Easy to use Survey tools

To capture – Village demography, Beneficiary data and other project field-based stakeholders. APP captures data in an easy to use data formats with Graphics interface and minimal data feeding, ready to use forms. Reducing data feeding by 50 % …

Automated Reporting from field

Day to day on-field activities no one needs to write exhaustive report. Helps field team to concentrate on strategic work rather than spend time on reports writing, thereby making program cost efficient and impactful.


Easy to use data and case stories formats help in qualititiave impact anaysis and results in program improvement and showcase actual program beneficiaries

Social Enterprise Platform

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