About us

About us

Who We Are

SynergyConnect is focused on providing end-to-end Information Technology Solutions to Development Sector like Corporate Foundations, National and International NGOs and corporates CSR Divisions.

The SynergyConnect platform is a product of our 19 years of working with the social sectors, trying to solve the major pain points of every development projects Data, Documentation and Dashboard

Our Platform has a simplified Project Management and Operations Tools, which includes Stakeholder Management, Project Design, Reporting & Fund Management and Legal Compliance, Data Collection and Analysis, Reports and Real-time Dynamic Dashboards for Impact analysis.

Our technical team complements us with the best of the open source technologies, which help us to deliver a cost-effective solution to the social sectors.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To drive social sector growth based on trust, innovation and sustainability.

Our Mission

To be the most trusted global technology partner in the social sector, enabling clients to efficiently manage projects, measure impact and guide further social investments .

Our Values

Create SYNERGY among every stakeholder for delivering every great cause.

We work hard for your success


Nitin Naik

Nitin comes with 20 years experience in Social sector.. His philosophy that out of a billion people if we meet a person there has to be a reason … make the best out of it for a better world. His development sector expereince has helped to identify the major pain point, Data. Documentation. Dashboard … SynergyConnect is all about solving these problems


Nilesh Khanolkar

Nilesh has over two decades years of technology experience in India and abroad.  He brings unique strategic solutions, business process transformation, project management, delivery, innovations and entrepreneurship. His passion to be the change has make him shift from cosy corporate job to Social sector and lead, how technology can accelerate change

CSR Collaboration Platform

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